S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla figures

It's always a good time to be a Godzilla fan, since Japanese toy companies never seem to stop creating fantastic items for collectors like me! Several months ago I read about a new line of super-deluxe figures (focusing on the Heisei series of Godzilla films) called S.H. MonsterArts, and I simply couldn't believe the incredible photos on their official website. On top of that, they even had the guts to produce two amazing videos using the toys themselves along with live action and other effects. The quality of these Toho-style mini-movies is fantastic, so I highly recommend watching them! Even though these figures are pretty expensive, they are available from Amazon (I guess since they are distributed by Bandai), which made it so easy for me to buy the first figure of the line, Godzilla himself. I soon discovered that everything about these toys is top-notch: the packaging (all in Japanese), the accessories, the articulation (which I have read is supposed to be similar to the movements of the actual kaiju suits used in the films), and the absolutely perfect sculpting by Godzilla expert Yuji Sakai. I was also thrilled that my Godzilla came with a limited edition radioactive breath accessory, which can be positioned on a stand so it actually comes from Godzilla's mouth! Of course, I had to order the next figure in the series (Mechagodzilla) right away, and by then I was completely hooked. I now have every S.H. MonsterArts figure released so far: Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Space Godzilla, and Moguera, and I've already pre-ordered King Ghidorah (I totally can't wait to get this one), Fire Rodan, and Baby Godzilla (who should arrive very soon). I could go on and on about specific features I love, such as Space Godzilla's huge posable tail, or the long plumes of missile-firing smoke that can attach to Moguera's hands, or Mechagodzilla's actual metal details. I've really been enjoying taking Instagram photos of these (using colored lights to enhance their beam effects), and they look magnificent in my Toy Museum. I have no doubt I'll be buying every single toy in the S.H. MonsterArts line!

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