Yuji Sakai Godzilla dioramas

My latest collecting obsession is miniature Godzilla dioramas sculpted by Yuji Sakai, a famous Japanese toy sculptor who produces amazingly detailed kaiju creations. I stumbled upon one of these toys in Little Tokyo during a Los Angeles trip, and then later I bought a few more at an anime convention, but I've only recently started to seriously grow my collection. Each diorama is only about three or four inches high, so they don't take up much room on a shelf, but just like all collections, they look great when you get a bunch of them together! They each depict a scene from a different Godzilla movie, often based on an actual frame of the film, and the detail is stunning. You may not know that a different Godzilla suit was used in nearly every movie, so there are always differences in the eyes, dorsal plates, and even the "ears". Sakai not only captures these subtle variations in Godzilla perfectly, but he also creates cool landscapes that really bring these toys to life! Several different series of these dioramas were released in Japan around 2007 by Bandai, so I don't even know how many total pieces there are to collect. I have 15 so far, and there are plenty more available on eBay. I've bought most of the cheaper ones, so now I'm faced with shelling out for the expensive ones (some are rarer than others, of course), but I think I'll stick with it! I've been regularly including these Godzilla toys in my daily Instagram photo series, and it's always fun to try to find the best angle for an exciting shot!