Lunchtime walks

I've been in the habit of talking walks during the workday for quite a while now, since it gives me time to clear my head and get a little exercise. Since my new job is downtown, it's been kind of fun finding a new place to walk. I started out just walking the streets, which was nice since I get to pass by interesting bars and restaurants, but then I noticed the Texas State Cemetery just a couple blocks from my office. It may seem a little strange to walk around a cemetery, but this is actually an extremely relaxing place! Since it's a historical cemetery, the grounds are immaculate (they have gardeners working there every day), and there are lots of nice winding paved pathways that meander around the various sections beneath beautiful shade trees. It's nice to take a different route each day and see where I went on my RunKeeper map! Even though it sits right in the downtown area, once you're inside the cemetery the sounds of the traffic go away, and I can suddenly hear the birds, the sprinklers, and the breeze blowing through the leaves. There are lots of interesting monuments, and of course several famous graves (including Stephen F. Austin and lots of Civil War soldiers). Since I have to wear dress clothes at my job, my biggest challenge is walking as far as possible without getting too sweaty and stinking up my shirt, but having such a peaceful place to walk in makes me want to keep going! I can't wait for the real Fall weather to get here (and it's not far away) so I can take my time and explore even more.

Visit site: Texas State Cemetary

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