Invisible computer cables

Today I finished another decluttering project to hide all of my computer cables, including several adapter bricks and even my power strip! I use very simple Elfa tables as my computer desk, so the view of the floor underneath was clearly visible and messy, since I have two external hard drives and a second monitor, as well as the usual items like a wireless router. The solution was fairly simple (after reading about it on other decluttering websites), and I only had to buy a cheap plastic basket at the Container Store and a few mug hooks at Home Depot. First I had to figure out how to organize everything in the basket, starting with the power strip, but this wasn't too difficult after taking in all the cable slack with Velcro ties. It was convenient that the basket I chose is cheap plastic, since I could easily snip out a few sections on the sides to make it possible to thread in larger plugs. Next I needed to hang the basket under the table, so after drilling some pilot holes, it was easy to screw in the mug hooks. I chose larger hooks so it's easy to remove the basket whenever needed, and I can even hang it from two hooks for easy access to reorganize things inside. Now that everything is suspended under the table, the floor is almost completely clear and it looks essentially cableless! I'm glad I finally made the effort to take on this project, since the result is a dream for a neat-freak like me.

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