Japanese study update

A couple years ago I decided to stop directing my studies towards the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), since the level I was attempting was starting to include topics that I couldn't stand (like writing formal business letters), so I adopted a new relaxing study philosophy based on fun! Although I never really expect to be "good" at Japanese, it's still one my favorite hobbies that I never want to give up, so I gladly spend some time every day with it. I really don't have a goal for my studying, other than just enjoying the act of learning something new. Each morning I study kanji using KanjiBox on my iPad (a very helpful app that has definitely improved my reading), and I'm a devoted paying customer of iKnow, since I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment I get from working through their online courses. Most importantly, I meet with my excellent tutor Kumiko every week for reading and translation practice. We have been using a fantastic book that I bought years ago called Issai kara Hyakusai no Yume (1歳から100歳の夢), which contains short essays written by 100 people aged 1 to 100 answering the question "What is your dream?" Most of the essays are fascinating and often touching, and the progression from little kids to adults has been a nice match to my Japanese learning progress! Each essay begins with that person's typical daily schedule, so recently I thought I would write one of my own just for fun. See if you can figure out my exciting day!

5:00 起床
5:30 iPadで漢字を勉強
6:00 朝ご飯
8:15 電話で両親と話す
8:30 出社
8:45 仕事
11:30 家で昼ご飯
12:00 インターネットで単語を勉強
13:00 仕事
14:30 散歩
17:00 帰宅
17:15 趣味(漫画、レゴ)
18:30 晩ご飯
20:00 ビデオを見る(特撮映画、アニメ)
22:30 就寝