Attic treasures

Last Christmas I helped my Dad clean out the attic, which hadn't been touched since my family moved to Oklahoma City before I started 7th grade. We found lots of old stuff, including several ancient toys that I never knew were up there! Most of the things I discovered weren't too amazing (I can't believe how many magic sets I used to have!), but I did find some great childhood treasures that I brought home for my Toy Museum. I've been slowly taking Instagram photos of these long forgotten items, and it's so much fun remembering all the time I spent with these toys. Here's a few of my favorites:
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century action figures (Mego 1978): I found four of these figures, including Buck himself and a tiny little Twiki.
  • The Black Hole action figures (Mego 1979): I found five from the classic Disney movie, including the menacing Maximilian, but I sure wish I had kept V.I.N.CENT.
  • Battlestar Galactica action figures (Mattel 1978): I found two Colonials, a sparkly Cylon (unfortunately without his rifle), and the incredible Ovion with four articulated arms!
  • E.T. The Extra Terrestrial items: I found a cool figure with telescoping neck and little Speak & Spell, plus a weird keychain.
  • Star Trek items: I'm amazed I kept my old cheap Remco phaser with click trigger, and it was so nostalgic to find the Spock ears I used to wear while playing (which I bought at my first Star Trek convention with Dad).
  • Dungeons & Dragons miniatures: Like every D&D player, I used to buy tiny pewter characters and paint them, and surprisingly they were almost all intact (and anything broken was easily glued). I remembered my favorite knight figure right away!
  • Star Wars action figures (Kenner 1978): Although I already have a near complete set of Star Wars figures properly stored in excellent condition, I discovered a bunch of "doubles" that I had forgotten about (extra Stormtroopers and so on). These were in pretty bad shape, but I sold them quickly for a nice price on eBay anyway!
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