Instagram friends

Since I started using Instagram over a year ago, I've added a new photo almost every day (I'm up to 339 photos so far). Almost all of my pictures are of my toy collection, so lots of other Instagram users have noticed me and started following my photos, since my collection spans a lot of interests like Disney, Star Wars, LEGO, PEZ, and Japanese toys. Most of these followers post fantastic photos as well, so I follow them and see their new posts every day. I really don't know anything about these people, but it's fun to interact with these new "friends" by seeing their daily images and making comments! I'm kind of proud of the eclectic group that enjoys my photos. I have several Japanese followers: two are in Hokkaido (and constantly post beautiful snowy landscape and architecture photos), another is a cute Japanese girl who loves all things Disney and frilly and often posts pictures of her pet rabbit, and two more are fantastic geeks who must visit Akihabara every day to take photos of the latest toys to hit the stores. I have some cool Star Wars followers also, including one hardcore fan with Star Wars tattoos and an amazing costume collection. I love posting a photo each day and seeing "likes" popup (I usually get around 10 per image), and I sometimes comment with my followers (even in Japanese, which gets a surprised reaction). I love my daily routine, and Instagram is a fun part of it! By the way, you can check out my Instagram photos on Statigram or Flickr.