Scanning project

Every year I make a list of projects I want to complete, and I always try to think up a few new decluttering ideas, which is getting difficult since I've done so much in this area! I remembered that in my garage I had a box of all kinds of papers: journals, poetry, high school and college papers, childhood artwork, and so on. Although I had already reduced this to one document box a few years ago, I decided I might as well go all the way, so I decided to scan everything and get rid of the paper for good. It took me a few months, but it was kind of fun to just mechanically do the same thing over and over while watching a video and drinking a beer. It was pretty nostalgic seeing everything I had written and I was kind of amazed the volume of it, covering all the major events in my young life, and now one of my new goals is to actually go back and read it all! I also threw my complete collection of trading cards in the mix, and it was nice to dig through those again. After all that scanning, I have everything backed up in three places (including two offsite), and now it's much easier to enjoy everything since I don't have to dig it out of a dusty box. Here are my final totals, plus a random sample of some of my scans (that aren't too embarrassing to share):

  • 1086 journal pages
  • 1301 trading cards
  • 756 songs and poems
  • 410 school papers
  • 129 drawings and artwork
  • 385 other things
  • 4067 items total

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