LEGO trains update

Several months ago I decided to change my LEGO train track layout. I used to use my switches to make a double-loop, but my Emerald Night had a little trouble navigating those tight curves, so I created a single loop in an "L" shape with more straight sections. I ended up using my switches to make two spurs that I can use to park my Passenger Train and Cargo Train, and I'm pretty happy with the much larger design! I haven't really added many more buildings, but my city is kind of overrun with vehicles now, since I just can't resist buying sets like the Garbage Truck and the Dump Truck. I also had a ton of fun building the huge Public Transport Station (my Black Friday impulse buy last year), which included some cool structures as well as more vehicles, including a cute street cleaner truck with brushes! My Toy Story train is put away for now, but I plan on getting it out again soon since I haven't made a video of it since I motorized it. Speaking of videos, I decided to buy a Hot Wheels Video Racer on a whim, which is a standard size Hot Wheels car with a complete color video camera built right in! I was able to fasten it to each of my trains at various angles to film a "point of view" video of what it looks like to ride around in my LEGO city! Although I mainly love building LEGO sets and marveling at the imaginative design that goes into each model, I relish the times when I can find a way to play with my sets like a kid!

Watch video: LEGO Trains Point of View