Decluttering via eBay

One of my decluttering goals for this year is to finally sell some collectibles on eBay, and I've been working away at it every weekend! On Friday I pick a new item to sell, do my research of looking at completed auctions to find a good price, take my photos, and post my listing. I stopped collecting Disney pins quite a long time ago, and those have been selling really well (my best went for nearly $30 for a single pin), but I've also listed a few Jpop CDs and DVDs (that I bought when I was collecting more than just Morning Musume) and also some old manga series. It's fun to check how many views and watchers my auctions get, and sometimes the suspense is great! Shipping hasn't been too much of a hassle, since almost everything I've listed will fit in a small flat-rate postage box that ships for five bucks, and I can even use eBay to print the postage at home (I got some special printer labels to make this even easier). I like reading the feedback from my buyers, and it's cool to see my star rating go up (it's certainly not huge, but much bigger than it was a few months ago). I'm definitely not getting rich, but I always make enough to feel satisfied, and I'm glad to sell to someone who is actively interested and appreciates these items. Of course, these sales end up in my PayPal account, which is immediately used to fund my current collections (mostly Godzilla toys), so this is also a nice way to keep buying goodies without going broke! I really like using eBay's iOS app (on both my iPad and iPhone), since it's so fast to check on my auctions, and the notifications about items I'm watching have really helped me win some cool stuff!