Sideshow Planet of the Apes figures

After collecting all of the Medicom Planet of the Apes Ultra Detail Figures, I didn't think there were any Apes toys left for me to pursue, but recently I stumbled upon some great prices for the Sideshow 12-inch Planet of the Apes figures! I kind of have a knack for discovering toys soon after they are out of production, so I can find decent prices before the collector's market has really heated up, and this definitely seems to be the case with these figures. First I ordered a Zira figure at a price I couldn't pass up, and I was amazed at the detail of the sculpt, which not only captures the spirit of the character, but even looks like Kim Hunter in makeup! Next I found a good price for Dr. Zaius and Taylor in his ANSA astronaut uniform, and eventually found a Cornelius (which seems to be in demand) at a price I was willing to pay. All of these figures have incredible articulation, beautiful cloth costumes, tons of cool accessories (Cornelius even comes with the doll that says "Mama" from his archeological dig in the Forbidden Zone), and even wonderful stands with the movie logo! I recently snagged the Mutant Leader from Beneath the Planet of the Apes (complete with removable face so you can see his deformity), and I'm thinking about getting Brent soon. I would love to add General Ursus to my collection, but since not as many of this figure (along with a few other characters) were produced, he's pretty expensive. I'm keeping my eyes open, though! All of these tall figures look spectacular in my Toy Museum, and as always it's fun to express my fandom by collecting cool toys from one of my favorite movie series!