All aboard the LEGO train

LEGO City Set #7938 Passenger TrainMy LEGO addiction is still going strong, and lately I've been obsessed with LEGO trains! I had been thinking about getting a set for quite some time, but when I saw them in action at Brick Fiesta (a local LEGO convention that was fantastic) I was hooked. By some great timing, my parents hit a slot machine jackpot and decided to share the wealth with lucky me, so it was easy to buy the semi-expensive Passenger Train set (7938). This is a wonderful starter set, since it comes with all the electronics you need to get a train moving: a motor, a battery box to power it, an IR receiver, and a remote control, which wirelessly controls the train. I really enjoyed building the engine and other cars, hooking up the track (plus the small passenger platform), and watching my new train in action! I was so excited that I made a short video of it. A few days later I was at the LEGO Store and spotted the Train Station set (7937), so I added that to my track and enjoyed watching the train go under the pedestrian walkway. Now I wanted to get more track, but I soon realized that LEGO has replaced their old curved track with "flexible track", which most enthusiasts agree is inferior to the original. So, I started hunting around on eBay for standard track and eventually ordered some (the market for LEGO train track seems huge), plus some Switching Tracks (7895) and a Level Crossing (7936)! I even bought some nice thick foam mats so I wouldn't have to build my layout directly on the carpet in my Toy Museum, and I studied a bunch of track layout designs until I found one I really liked, which happened to be the Double Loop! I can't really explain it, but it's so much fun to run my train with the remote control, making it go around the outer loop, switch into the inner loop, then reverse it back onto the outer loop again. Now I want to add a few small buildings around my track, and I really want to get a second engine so I can watch two trains running at once and try to make them exchange loops!