Technic Rescue Helicopter

LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 8068Last weekend I was checking out Toys R Us (as I often do) and decided to take advantage of a LEGO sale, so I got a couple new sets. One of them was the fairly new Technic Rescue Helicopter, which was a really fun and interesting build. Technic parts are very different from traditional LEGO bricks (although they work together nicely), since they are mainly girders and tubes with small connector pieces to lock them together. Several of my other sets have contained a few Technic parts, but the Rescue Helicopter is my first complete set of the Technic line. Technic sets are also considered a little advanced, since they usually have working gears and other moving parts, so even though this set was only 408 pieces, it took me much longer than expected to finish, which is great! The helicopter has working landing gear (with real rubber tires of course), and a really cool gear system that spins the main and tail rotors just by turning a knob on the side. The color scheme is really cool, and the decals look fantastic (although I prefer it when LEGO actually prints on the parts so you don't have to apply stickers). The instructions include complete steps to build two quite different styles of helicopters, so maybe someday I'll take it apart and try the other one!