Pizza Planet Truck

LEGO Toy Story 3 Pizza Planet Delivery SetSince I'm getting excited about going to Walt Disney World next week, I've been gravitating towards Disney choices in music, DVDs, and even LEGO sets! I only recently discovered they make a set of the famous Pizza Planet truck, which was part of the original Toy Story and has since made a cameo appearance in every other Pixar movie except for The Incredibles. Being a huge Pixar fan, I had to get this set, which I needed to order online since for some reason it's not even available at my local LEGO Store. Even though it's only 224 pieces, the Pizza Planet truck is a beauty! There are quite a few unique custom pieces (like windows and curved body parts) that made this a really fun build, and I love the custom printed graphics (no decals) for the Pizza Planet logo on the working doors. There's even a "YO" brick (the middle of the Toyota logo) for the back of the truck! Of course this set includes great rubber tires, and they even added a "pizza launcher" feature that shoots little round pizzas from the front of the truck! The minifigs are really custom as well (I'm sure Disney required LEGO to create accurate representations of their characters), including Buzz Lightyear (who even has little wings), Hamm (with removable cork), one of the Claw aliens, and even Rex the dinosaur! You can actually get all four figures into the truck, although the process is so crazy (mainly because of Rex's tail) that they actually had to explain how to do it in the instruction book. I had a lot of fun celebrating my Disney happiness by building this cool set. I only have a few automobiles in my LEGO collection, so it's nice to see this Pixar classic on my toy shelf!