Pixar art books

The Art of Toy Story 3Almost every recent animated feature has a corresponding "art book", which is usually a large hard-cover volume filled with mostly pre-production artwork from the making of the film. I have quite a few Disney art books in my library, but recently I have been collecting art books for all of Pixar's animated masterpieces. I got three of them for Christmas, and have bought a few more since then, and it's so inspiring and relaxing to sit back and stare at the amazing work that goes into creating these movies. Pixar art books are especially interesting since the films are digitally animated, but most of the designs are born in hand-drawn sketches and full-blown paintings. I just finished The Art of Toy Story 3, which contained much more text than average, and I really enjoyed reading it and studying the artwork! It's fascinating to see various characters and concepts that didn't make it into the final film, and I love studying details that are only on screen for a short time (like all of the cool posters and stickers in Andy's room). For a long time now I've been astounded at the concept of the "color script", which is like a color storyboard used to plot out the emotional journey of a film via palette choices and lighting, and this book definitely kept me interested in the subject! In fact, the work of Dice Tsutsumi (who was in charge of the color script) is just incredible, capturing the essence of every scene in beautiful rough paintings, and I'm just blown away at his talent (of course, that admiration goes the same for everyone at Pixar). I have a couple more Pixar art books on my shelf that I haven't read yet, and I can't wait to dig into them!

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