Las Vegas 2011

Another year, another fun family trip to Las Vegas! Once again we stayed at the Venetian (our home away from home), which is so familiar by now that we can navigate our way around easily, and even remembered a short cut to the casino. Speaking of the casino, it was also really obvious that the Venetian has the best mix of modern slot machines that we like to play, so we spent a lot of time right there in our "home base" casino. We really enjoyed some new social gaming experiences also, especially playing American Idol slots with some nice Canadian ladies that became Mom's new friends. I thought the coolest looking machine was the latest in the series of Star Wars slots called Droid Hunt. I tweeted about it during the trip, and the artist who did the graphics for the game actually responded! Of course we saw our minimum of three shows. The first one was The Price is Right Live, which was simple and inexpensive, but it was really fun to see the classic sets and games in real life! Next was Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis, which was full of fantastic energy and great music, including some awesome remixes and arrangements. It's hard not to compare it to The Beatles: Love (since they both tell a performer's story), so I have to say I liked Love a little more since it was "high concept", while Viva Elvis was much more about singing and dancing, but spectacular nonetheless! Finally we saw Disney's The Lion King, which was just as amazing as the Broadway version, and our second row seats gave us a perfect view of the powerful emotion in the songs (which made me tear up a couple times). Our entire vacation was a blast, and I only lost 25% of the money I was prepared to lose!

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