Geek timing

Tron: The Original Classic (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)I was just enjoying the original TRON on Blu-ray (which looks fantastic!) and thinking to myself how lucky I am to have been born at "just the right time" to experience all the things that I love geeking out about. I was born in 1967, so my childhood years were filled with fantastic experiences such as Saturday morning cartoons (a phenomenon which sadly doesn't exist now), comic books, and trips to Disneyland (which began my Disney fan career). I was the perfect age to enjoy all of the incredible 1970s science fiction on TV and in movies (everything from Planet of the Apes to Space: 1999 to the Six Million Dollar Man and even the original Star Trek in reruns), and I was able to relive these adventures everyday thanks to all of the wonderful toys of that era (mostly Mego action figures). I was ten years old when Star Wars hit the theater, which was just perfect timing to fill me with excitement and wonder that still makes me happy today. I think the most amazing thing about being a 1970s childhood geek is that there are so many of us in the world, all trying to recapture those precious days. There are countless toys being made now just for this market, so I can once again buy reproduction action figures and toys that I once played with and feel that great emotion all over again! Even all the recent movies seem to be made just for me: tons of superhero films, remakes of classic sci-fi and fantasy, and so many sequels/prequels (like TRON: Legacy and the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes). I absolutely love being who I am and being the target market for all of this coolness. I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything, and thanks to the efforts of grown-up 1970s kids who know what I want to buy and experience and enjoy, I certainly don't have to!