The Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man: Complete First SeasonA few weeks ago I decided to start watching The Spectacular Spider-Man on Netflix, since I completely blew off this series back when it was on the air in 2008. I wasn't too thrilled with the human character design (totally round eyes and an obvious attempt to look anime-ish), but now that I've given the show a second chance, I'm completely into it! The plots are surprisingly complex, weaving together elements from the original comic book, the live-action movie trilogy, and even the Ultimate Spider-Man re-imagined books (which I'm currently reading). Although the animation style isn't my favorite, I can't deny that the action sequences are really exciting, and it's great to see a full arsenal of Spidey villains (not only the usual suspects like Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, but even guys like Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter), who are nicely tied into a larger scheme involving some mastermind criminal! The voice acting isn't bad either, which really helps establish Peter's inner dialogue as he worries about Aunt May and tries to choose between Gwen, Mary Jane, and even Liz. Netflix only has the first season available for streaming, but thankfully I can rent the second season (which I just started watching) on DVD. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled before a third season could be produced, which is really a shame. I'm glad I decided to take another look at this show!