Marvel Masterworks

The Avengers, Vol. 1 (Marvel Masterworks)During my decluttering frenzy of the past few years, I decided I wouldn't buy any more individual comic books, focusing only on trade paperbacks (collections of several issues in a single book) instead. Since then I've enjoyed all kinds of stories, but my favorite thing has been experiencing the original beginnings of classic superheroes that are so well-known today. It's funny how my comic loyalties have flip-flopped between DC and Marvel over the years, but lately I've kind of been on a Marvel kick (probably due to the Iron Man movies and getting into the Ultimate universe, thanks to PaperBack Swap). I decided it would be cool to check out the first volumes of a few titles in the Marvel Masterworks series. Each book presents ten original issues reproduced in glorious color, and the quality looks amazing to me. I loved reading the first issues of the Fantastic Four, and now I'm enjoying The Avengers! These old 1960s comics are such a treat, not only because they have spectacular artwork by legends like Jack Kirby (along with refreshingly simple panel layouts), but also because the dialogue and villains are so cheesy, thanks to Stan Lee (the more ridiculous the better, I say)! It's cool to think that these heroes that are such a mainstream part of pop culture today came from such humble beginnings.