Jazz evening

Last night I played with a jazz trio (my pals Steve on keyboard and Jack on bass) at a nice wedding party held at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. I haven't had the opportunity to play much jazz lately, so I really enjoyed myself! Recently I've been looking for creative outlets, so I decided to really pay attention to the music and stay in the moment, and it was a wonderful experience. We did lots of trading fours, which was interesting since for the most part were playing quietly for dinner music, so it was cool to figure out ways to solo with brushes without overwhelming guest conversations.

I played with Steve and Jack several years ago in our jazz band called Stella, which made the evening a little nostalgic. The folks at the wedding definitely enjoyed the music, and it was nice to see some old folks singing along with the standards were playing. Steiner Ranch Steakhouse has a spectacular view of the lake that looked beautiful at sunset, and although we had to play while everyone else was digging into steaks, the staff made up for it by treating us with fantastic Scotch (Oban and Lagavulin, my favorite). Oh yeah, we got paid, too!