I love taking and sharing digital photos, but over the years my perfectionism and my laziness have been in a constant battle, especially when it comes to shooting my toys. Recently I started becoming aware of activities that had become habitual for me that were in reality hindering enjoyable experiences (which is why I stopped blogging for so long), and taking toy photos is a great example because of this perfectionism/laziness conflict. The solution for me was Instagram, the insanely popular social camera app for iOS. The iPhone 4 camera is really nice with decent macro capability, but still not flawless enough to make me completely happy "as is". However, when you make these photos artistic by using Instagram's cool filters, they become passably creative! Combine that with the ease of sharing these photos on Facebook, and you definitely have a winner. I have been trying out new styles of shooting, often using very low light and holding a flashlight to get certain effects, and then choosing the best crazy filter to enhance the look. I've also started photographing some of my vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures on weekends, and adding the previous week's images to my Flickr photostream. Since my pictures also get posted on Instagram's own servers, it's nice to receive some comments from other fellow Instagrammers. This also allows them to be accessed by their new API, which has been put to great use on Instagrid!