Exploring TRON

Tron: BetrayalI'm pretty happy about the way Disney's TRON universe has been expanding lately! I saw the original film back in 1982 when I was first learning computer programming, and I remember getting so excited not only because it was a cool movie, but also because I understood some of the silly technology jokes. Of course, I was thrilled when I first heard about TRON: Legacy, and had a fantastic time seeing it twice in the theater (though I wish I would have gone one more time). I've listened to the soundtrack many, many times (I was already a Daft Punk fan, so I love it), and I've pre-ordered both films on Blu-ray. Unfortunately the new toys don't excite me that much, though I did buy a great set of Japanese Kubrick figures of the original Tron and Sark. I also decided to check out TRON: Betrayal, a really cool graphic novel that covers Flynn's creation of CLU, the birth of the Isomorphs, and the beginnings of the Grid's downfall. The artwork is really great (lots of beautiful neon effects) and the plot is well-constructed (and I guess it's "official", since this is a Disney Press book). I can't wait for the new animated series TRON: Uprising to begin (the trailer looks pretty awesome), and I'm definitely hopeful for future TRON films, especially since there's a great teaser called TRON: The Next Day which even features RAM from the original movie!