Chobits manga

Chobits, Volume 1 (v. 1)Back in 2004 when I was really starting to go anime crazy, I fell in love with a series called Chobits. I was intrigued with the idea of a world where personal computers were built in the form of people, I laughed at the slightly pervy situations, and I swooned over the heartwarming dialogue of Chi, an adorable computer who falls in love with Hideki. I rented all of the DVDs so I could watch every episode in Japanese, bought a couple soundtrack CDs (that I still listen to), and even picked up a Chi figure at an anime convention. Years later I even bought a DVD box set of the series and enjoyed watching the whole thing again! Recently I was digging through PaperBack Swap (since I have so many credits burning a whole in my pocket), and I realized that I could get all eight volumes of the original manga in a snap for free! It's always interesting to compare manga and anime and discover the differences, which were surprisingly few in the case of Chobits. There were a few short manga scenes that had been extended into complete anime episodes, and the ending was a little different, but in general the plot was the same. Actually, the manga made some of the confusing aspects of the story much clearer to me! Of course, I still found myself crying while I read the last volume and Chi and Hideki finally confess their love. The artwork (by the CLAMP group) is beautiful and frilly to the N-th degree, and now I really want to watch the anime again!