iTunes genre distribution

Almost every weekend I take a long walk around the Domain to get some exercise. My route is a little over 3.5 miles, which takes me close to an hour at my pace, giving me lots of time to listen to music on my iPhone along the way. Yesterday while I was enjoying the randomness of music (my favorite thing about the walk, actually), I got thinking about the distribution of my iTunes library, so I took a minute to get some genre totals to see what I have. Truthfully, my digital music is a little out of control, since I'm up to 19,234 songs now, which would take 51 days to listen to completely! Here's some of the more interesting (at least to me) genres.

Jpop (6,569 songs): I'm amazed at how fast my Japanese pop library has grown, since I feel like I've only been a real fan for the past few years! Of course, most of it is Hello! Project groups (probably everything recorded by Morning Musume) and AKB48, but there are lots of other cool artists in the mix as well. I thought I had lots of Korean pop in my collection also, but I actually have only 558 tracks.

Soundtracks (2,897 songs): When I really enjoy a movie, I love hearing the score, so I have a weird variety of tracks from Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, lots of Disney movies (of course), and tons of anime series as well!

Classical (1,393 songs): The cool fact about this genre is that I rarely buy new classical music now, so this huge number is almost completely from CDs I purchased during my college days when I was obsessed with growing my collection. I also have 249 opera tracks, which could be added to this total, but I like keeping them organized into their own genre.

Jazz (1,238 songs): I'm pretty proud of my jazz collection, too, which is mostly bebop and straight ahead jazz (very little modern stuff). Usually when someone mentions a jazz standard, I can find versions by a couple different artists in this set.

Theme Park (540 songs): Not a huge number, but I bet most people don't have as many tracks of Disney ride audio as I do. This genre doesn't count regular Disney music, but does include drunken pirates, ghost screams, and Mickey & Minnie saying hello during parades!

Holiday (487 songs): I keep these tracks deactivated until Thanksgiving, and then start listening to my Christmas music collection almost exclusively. I usually add a CD or two to this number each year!

Everything else in my iTunes library is fairly "normal", with lots of pop, rock, dance, and other fun stuff. Believe it or not, even with a library this large, I'm able to cycle through my collection and listen to everything fairly regularly, thanks to the way I sync my iPhone with smart playlists (which I should write about in another post sometime).