Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro / Season Two : 5 of 5

Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro - The Complete Second SeasonAfter completely enjoying the first season of Disney's 1950s hit Zorro TV series, I had to immediately move on to this second season of high adventure in Spanish California! This is another huge six DVD set with nearly 40 episodes of the show as well as bonus material, so I had to do some marathon watching to finish it all. This season is a bit "softer" than the first, with a little more romance and comedy and plenty of guest stars (it seems every popular Latin actor was on the show), including Caesar Romero (the Joker himself) as Diego's scheming uncle and Ricardo Montalban as Diego's college rival from Spain. These episodes also feature Annette Funicello (Walt gave her the role as a birthday gift since she had a crush on Guy Williams!), and she's quite entertaining and cute (even if her accent is hilariously non-Spanish). The first several episodes take place in Monterrey rather than Los Angeles, and apparently Zorro didn't bring his black horse Tornado, so he uses a white one named Phantom (Tornado is back in action when they return to LA)! Zorro uses his whip quite a bit in this season (he even uses it to make his "Z", which is quite a feat!), and I was amazed at the number of scenes shot at Vasquez Rocks (a place I love to see for its Star Trek connection). The bonus material includes some additional hour-long episodes (which would have been part of the third season) and a nice short documentary on Guy Williams with lots of memories from his son. I really enjoyed watching Zorro and getting into the spirit of the show (I even learned some history about Spanish California), and I'm so glad I have this Walt Disney Treasures set in my collection!