Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 2 / Doom : 3 of 5

Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2: DoomI enjoyed the first volume of this series enough to put a few more on my PaperBack Swap list, and somehow I was lucky enough to get this second collection pretty quickly. These issues mostly focus on Doctor Doom (who was also a genius student at the Baxter Building in this re-imagined story) and how he actually caused the accident that created the Fantastic Four, and I liked the look into Doom's childhood and his obsession with pleasing his oppressive father. But the best scenes involve Sue's medical assessments of everyone's bodies, discovering things like Reed's lack of internal organs (explaining how he can stretch them) or Ben's ability to overcome his huge mass to fill his lungs with air (there's even a scene where he's asked about using the bathroom!). The relationships among the Fantastic Four seem really genuine and have lots of funny moments, especially when everyone teases Reed about the name of the Fantasticar (a clever way to add a modern take on something that wasn't so silly in the original comic). I thought it was cool how Doom was able to create an army of small insect robots out of tiny discarded parts (like cell phone cameras and MP3 players), but the actual battle with Doom was a little quick (but I'm sure this is just a warm-up for something much bigger). With excellent artwork and great characterization, I'm certainly glad I decided to take a look at this series, and if I can't get any other volumes from PaperBack Swap, I'm definitely tempted to buy a few!