The Town : 3 of 5

My parents and I really wanted to try out Gold Class Cinemas during their recent visit, but since Mom & Dad go to the movies all the time, this was the only film playing that they hadn't already seen! I probably wouldn't have seen this movie otherwise, but it turned out to be surprisingly good, mainly because the story is so interesting. The essential element of the plot is that a bank robber who takes a hostage during a crime later happens to meet her at the laundromat, and they eventually fall in love since she doesn't know his true identity (since the criminals wear creepy rubber masks). With that said, The Town definitely isn't a love story, since most of the movie is filled with gritty action scenes of semi-violent (but not too bloody) robberies and police chases, which are particularly exciting on those narrow and crowded Boston streets. I was pretty impressed that Ben Affleck wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, and I really couldn't find flaws in his work. There are many other supporting characters with good backstories as well, including the other members of the crime gang (one of whom is like a brother to Ben, but also the most bitter and violent) and the FBI agent who is on their trail. Part of the fun with anti-hero movies where you root for the "bad guys" is learning all the details of the crime, and it's amazing to see how something like the heist of Fenway Park after a crowded Major League game could take place. Of course, any movie would be enjoyable in the giant Gold Class Cinemas seats with a couple beers, but I'm glad my parents and I ended up seeing The Town and enjoying its well-crafted story.