Paris, Je T'aime : 4 of 5

Paris, Je T'Aime (Paris, I Love You)I became really interested in the Cities of Love series of movies after seeing New York, I Love You, so I immediately decided to rent the first film, Paris, Je T'aime. I really enjoy this type of movie, which combines lots of short stories (actually 18 of them, around 5-10 minutes each) featuring different directors, actors, moods and genres, all set in Paris. Each short is named for a particular place in the city, and while most of them are in French (obviously), there are a few in English since many famous directors (such as the Coen brothers) took part in the making of this film. There are also lots of well-known actors (Elijah Wood, Steve Buscemi, Natalie Portman, and more) that find a way to make their characters fascinating in such a short time frame! Many of the stories are romantic, some are comedic (like the tale of two mimes and how they meet), but several are sad, and there's even a campy (and bloody) vampire short to cover the horror genre. It's fun to notice different directorial techniques, such as the single continuous shot used in the scene with Nick Nolte, and of course the scenery is beautiful, enhanced by a nice soundtrack. I really appreciated the story about an older woman's solo vacation to Paris, with first-person narration about new experiences and falling in love with life itself. The film ends with a nice wrap up that somewhat connects several characters from the different shorts (though this is accomplished a little better in New York, I Love You), which left me with a wonderful feeling. It's impossible to get bored with a movie that completely changes every five minutes, so I think anyone would enjoy Paris, Je T'aime as an extremely accessible art film!