Mood music

Although I have a humungous number of songs in my iTunes library, I also love listening to streaming music from a variety of sources, usually to fit a certain mood or activity. There's almost nothing as bad as hearing a song that doesn't fit how I'm feeling, so I've learned where to go to for the right mood music if I'm at home or at work. When I first wake up I usually want to do some reading, and I like listening to classical music while I read. I use the internet radio stations built into my Apple TV, which are conveniently categorized so I can narrow it down to opera, Baroque, or whatever fits the particular book (my tastes are really specific!). I also use my Apple TV to listen to jazz or ambient (Groove Salad is one of my favorite sources, although I wouldn't really call it ambient myself) when I'm enjoying manga or doing chores. At work, if my brain is kind of overwhelmed, I love listening to the predefined ambient station on Pandora (they also have great classical music stations, including a nice one of only piano works). If I'm kind of pissed off or cranky, I can get a great stream of shoegazer tunes out of Pandora (just using My Bloody Valentine as the seed group), and if I'm on a coding roll I discovered that my BoA station also plays tones of Ghost in the Shell soundtrack tunes, which somehow gives me intellectual energy! Finally, if I'm totally having a blah day, the ultimate weapon is Stereomood, which has an all-melancholy playlist (with a huge variety of songs that I don't know) that will definitely fit how I feel. I guess I've discovered that often the only way out of a mood is to go deeper in, and music certainly helps me do that. Usually when I listen to mood music at some point it won't appeal to me anymore, and then I know the mood's over!