LEGO ahoy

This week I had a nice LEGO experience, since I got to build a vintage 1989 Caribbean Clipper set from the LEGO Pirates line! My co-worker Amanda found the set during a big decluttering project, and since she knew about my LEGO addiction, she brought it to work and surprised me with it! I was totally amazed, since it was in excellent shape and even in the original box, but without the instruction book. Luckily, I was able to take advantage of the incredible LEGO resources available on the web, thanks to all the adult LEGO fans like me that have worked so hard to build sites like Brickset and Peeron! It was easy to type in the set number (6274) and instantly have access to scans of the original instructions, as well as a detailed inventory list of the set. I used my iPad to view the instruction scans, and I was shocked how much more confusing LEGO instructions were in the 80s! Of course, they were still pretty good, but certainly much less detailed than today (and with fewer steps, making each one a challenge). The inventory list was really handy, since there were a few stray parts that didn't belong in the box, as well as some missing pieces. Thankfully, nothing was missing to keep me from building a sturdy ship, and I was able to keep the "cosmetically challenged" sections somewhat hidden (and I can even buy the individual missing pieces from the web if I want). It was really fun to build the Caribbean Clipper and to enjoy the LEGO time machine, and it looks spectacular next to Brickbeard's Bounty on my shelf!

View photos: Caribbean Clipper