Toy Museum acquisitions

Since I don't really have anything left in my house to declutter, I've been spending some time "curating" my Toy Museum instead! I was starting to get a little worried about running out of LEGO space, which got me thinking about all the wasted vertical room on my shelves. Then I discovered these nice clear acrylic risers at the Container Store, and now I can't stop buying them! They come in several sizes, and although they are a little pricey when you need so many, they're a perfect solution for me. Now I can display my LEGO Y-wing on top of my X-wing (for example), and still enjoy both toys in half the space! Over the past few weekends I've been able to open up lots of room for more toys, which is great since I've added a few LEGO sets to my collection lately (which I just photographed today). At the opening of Austin's LEGO store, I bought the new General Grievous' Starfighter, which I've seen over and over recently while watching The Clone Wars. It has a really unique design, solid construction, a cool slide-open cockpit, and some great minifigs (including a new sculpted face General Grievous, of course!). I also had fun building the commemorative bat set that I got for free! Yesterday I put together the Exo-Force Stealth Hunter this weekend, which is so cool that I'm really bummed that the Exo-Force line (inspired by the Japanese mecha genre) was discontinued. I thought this would be a simple set, but it actually took quite a while since there were so many decals! I love the Gundam feel of the finished model, and it looks great on my shelf!

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