Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Complete Season One : 5 of 5

Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One (TV Series) [Blu-ray]I've always looked forward to watching Lucasfilm Animation's excellent series on Cartoon Network, so I had to add this Blu-ray set to my Christmas list last year. Now that I've watched every first season episode of The Clone Wars again, I'm even more impressed with this show! Seeing this series in its full aspect ratio with incredibly sharp detail (even skin textures look amazing) is incredible, and I was constantly blown away by the awesome Star Wars action and gloriously-designed vehicles and ships (many of which I have built in LEGO!). The stories themselves are also wonderful, with incredible insight into the characters and attention to their place in the saga (for example, they make sure that Anakin can never meet General Grievous, since their first meeting doesn't occur until Revenge of the Sith). I also love the individuality of the clones, made evident in the very first episode with Yoda's line "In the Force, very different each one of you are" and continuing with awesome clone-focused episodes featuring rookies on a remote outpost and clone commanders hunting down a clone spy. The multi-episode Malevolence and Ryloth sagas are brilliant, and all the cool Jedi Masters (such as Plo Koon, Kit Fisto and many more) introduced in this season are astounding. Every episode includes a short featurette (usually around seven minutes) discussing the development of the story (with lots of mention of George Lucas' involvement) and visual design (with fascinating facts about ships that bridge the two trilogies, such as the Y-Wing bomber), and several episodes claim to be Director's Cuts, although there's no mention of what new scenes are added (not enough to be obvious, anyway). Each of the three Blu-ray discs also has a Jedi Archives section, packed with traditional artwork as well as early CG animation and beautiful rotations of ships and characters. Even the case for this set is cool, since it includes a high-quality mini-book of concept art! The best thing about The Clone Wars is how much the crew really cares about Star Wars and creating an exciting and beautiful experience for the fans, which they have definitely accomplished with this show. I enjoyed every minute of this set, and I'm looking forward to getting the second season set from Santa this year!