Scott Pilgrim vs. The World : 4 of 5

Fresh after (in fact, the day after!) finishing the fantastic Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, it was pretty cool to be able to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on opening day! As a fan of the books, I was definitely skeptical about how this film would work, but although they made some mistakes, for the most part I can say that the movie was close to fantastic! Actually, my biggest complaint is about Michael Cera in the title role, since he just doesn't fit my image of the character from the books. Sure Scott is supposed to be geeky, but not wimpy (at least in my mind), so I feel like Michael Cera is only there to add a name to this risky movie gamble. But I don't want to waste this review griping about the main character, since the other characters are flat-out perfect! Ramona was absolutely too cool, Wallace practically stepped out of the graphic novel, and most of all, Knives Chau (Scott's jilted teenage Chinese girlfriend and my favorite character) is not only adorable, but the plot has been shifted around to give her a bigger role! I loved how they referenced the style of the books by including chapter titles, popups of character names with funny descriptions (taken word for word), and even a few animated flashbacks with the original character designs. The fighting scenes are really great, with tons of video game sound effects and graphic flourishes, all done really tastefully (when it would have been so easy to make them garish and ugly). The soundtrack is also cool, with lots of tunes that are great for action scenes (the Sex Bob-Omb tracks definitely make me want to buy the album)! Of course it's tough to squeeze a six book series into one film, and although they lost some of the nice character development in the graphic novels, they still managed to weave a pretty cohesive (although crazy) story out of it all. In fact, I think they improved the ending quite a bit! If they had just cast a cool unknown as Scott I would have been even happier, but Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is still a pretty awesome movie!

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