Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 : 3 of 5

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim's Finest HourIt seems like forever since I was enjoying Volume 5 of the Scott Pilgrim saga and wondering how long I could wait for the next release, never dreaming it would take over a year! I think some momentum was lost by such a long wait, and although I'm thrilled with the complete story as a whole, the final volume was a little lacking (truthfully, I kind of felt like it was rushed out to beat the release of the movie). Of course, I still really enjoyed reading it, and the artwork and cool characters were all as fantastic as ever! Scott finally faces Ramona's last evil boyfriend Gideon, and the battle takes the story into a surreal direction (inside Gideon's head!) that seemed a little too bizarre to me (but hey, what did I expect in a world where video games intersect with real life?). In fact, this volume seemed a little more gaming-centric than before, with lots of 8-bit text announcements, an extra-life for Scott, and even a funny scene where coins drop on spectators' heads! Thankfully, the final scenes in the story are really great from an emotional standpoint, which is important since these characters actually have feelings, after all. I loved Scott and Ramona's words to each other, as well as Knives' hilarious Clash at Demonhead line (she will always be my favorite character, and I wish she had her own series somehow!). I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the movie, which will be even more interesting now that I've read the whole story!