Netflix One-Liners 8.31

Memories: This batch of Netflix streaming is half anime, starting with this really cool triple story film filled with incredible detail and awesome machinery and plots ranging from a garbage spaceship’s encounter with an opera singer’s final resting place to a society completely based around firing huge cannons at an unseen enemy.
The Place Promised in Our Early Days: I’ve wanted to see this movie for years, and I’m glad I finally took the time to enjoy this fascinating sentimental story set in a post-war divided Japan and told via beautiful artwork and character design.
Ghost in the Shell / Individual Eleven: I still have a Ghost in the Shell itch that needs scratching, so I enjoyed watching this movie that compresses the entire main storyline of the second season of the anime series with some creative editing (and of course I geeked out all over again!).
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette: I had never heard of this short three episode series, but this horror story about a girl’s spirit trapped in an antique glass seemed interesting as a Netflix suggestion, which unfortunately turned out to be a little too bizarre and bloody for my taste.
Robotech / The Macross Saga: I’ve always wanted to watch this 85-episode monster series (which was instrumental in starting the Anime boom in the US), so I’m glad Netflix has it available for streaming, since I love the old animation style, cheesy 80s dubbing, and of course the space battles!
In Search of Beethoven: I also checked out a few documentaries, such as this really long (but never boring) look at the life of Beethoven and his fascinating career that changed classic music forever, sprinkled with lots of interesting enthusiasm filled comments from musicians and historians.
The Buddha: This PBS documentary looks at the major events in the life of the Buddha (with a few basic teachings of Buddhism thrown in), told via interviews with modern poets and philosophers and sometimes beautiful animated scenes.
Surrogates: Though I'm technically not a Bruce Willis fan, I actually heard about this science fiction thriller in church, and I enjoyed this surprisingly good story (with plenty of social commentary) about a world where nearly everyone stays at home while their brains are plugged into artificial bodies that they control in the real world.
Swamp Thing: I watched this old light horror flick with the guys (since we all remembered enjoying Adrienne Barbeau's figure as kids), but this DC Comics monster was definitely given the 80s low budget TV treatment (although it's pretty fun to watch anyway!).
Zach Galifianakis / Live at the Purple Onion: I don't watch many comedy shows in general, but since Zach is funny on the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, I thought I would check out this older performance, which had a few great moments but overall needed a lot more refinement.