The LEGO Book : 5 of 5

The LEGO BookSince I'm definitely a full-fledged LEGO fan (according to my Brickset list, I'm up to 25 sets now!), I'm really interested in the history of the LEGO company and all the trivia I can find about these amazing bricks. The LEGO Book is a beautiful hardback (actually a two-volume set in a great slipcase) that I received for Christmas, and I recently got around to enjoying page after page of lovely photo layout and LEGO facts! The style of The LEGO Book is quite similar to the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, but begins with the Denmark company's early wooden toys in the 1930s, continuing in a massive timeline to the advanced sets of today. I learned so much that I've recently been boring my friends with LEGO facts (such as original bricks from the days of the 1958 patent will still snap together with bricks from today, and that the factory in Denmark is so precise that only 18 out of a million bricks are flawed!), and seeing all the original sets in the City, Castle, and Space themes, as well as photos from the cool catalogs that I used to drool over as a child, was really nostalgic. I was fascinated by the early Duplo, Mindstorms, and Bionicle product lines, since there were many items I had never seen, and surprised to see a few Mickey Mouse sets that I never knew existed! There are also chapters on the LEGOLand theme parks and huge models, such as a giant soccer stadium that literally holds 30,000 minifigs in the audience! Speaking of minifigs, the second bonus book is called Standing Tall, which focuses solely on the history of the LEGO minifigure, starting with the early jointed family (that I somehow remember building) and eventually today's licensed figures that have so much detail and custom parts. I completely enjoyed my time immersed in the colorful pages of The LEGO Book, and definitely recommend it to any LEGO fan who loves these incredible toys!