It's easy

After a vacation it's usually difficult to get myself fully back in gear, so this week I've done a little more relaxing than I'm used to. I've actually really enjoyed taking time to escape in my favorite worlds of anime and manga, but I often have trouble with feeling guilty about too much luxury, which sometimes leads to eating ice cream or other things I try to avoid! But over the past year I've adopted an overly simplistic attitude that really helps, which is just to step back, look at what I'm trying to do, and tell myself "It's easy". Obviously this isn't the key to life, but this small adjustment really works for me if I remember to do it! When I'm tempted to order a pizza and the fight feels like I'm going to give in, if I stop and think "Wait a minute! It's easy to win this battle. It's easy to just not order a pizza!", then my new perspective reveals the ridiculousness of my little struggle so I can make the right decision. Sometimes perfectionism keeps me from writing this blog, since I have trouble getting started if I feel like I won't be able to produce something that meets my own standards. But then I think "Writing a blog post is easy. Just write and don't worry about it!" and I'm able to finally get into the habit of posting (which always gets easier day by day). I can even beat some procrastination challenges with this attitude, since usually the things I put off will be over with before I know it if I just actually do them. Telling myself "It's easy" helps me minimize my internal drama, which has a tendency to complain and make things much worse than they actually are. If I can just remember to adopt this attitude at the moment I need it, then I'm able to do things like write this blog post, which was easy!