Disneyland & Los Angeles vacation

Last weekend I spent four fantastic days in Los Angeles with my pal Dae, and we completely filled every minute with fun (and food)! We started off with Disney's California Adventure, which I hadn't visited in several years, so it was nice to experience the cool attractions again along with the new ones, especially Toy Story Midway Mania, which has already been updated with Toy Story 3 characters! I noticed several more details on older rides like Monsters Inc: Mike & Sully to the Rescue (did you know you can smell ginger in the sushi restaurant scene?), and it was great to ride the scary Maliboomer, since it's closing forever soon. The big event was World of Color, the new beautiful fountain and light show, so we had a classy dinner at the Wine Country Trattoria to get special passes (which bypassed tons of crowds). Dinner was delicious (with lots of wine!) and the show was unbelievable (I loved the scenes with Pocahontas, Fantasia 2000, and Pixar characters)!

The next day we hit Disneyland, where we managed to ride everything in sight by getting there at 8:00 AM! The new effects on Snow White's Scary Adventures were great (especially the rain during the finale), and I had a blast finding the new additions to the Rivers of America from the Mark Twain. It was also really fun to watch Michael Jackson in Captain EO on the big screen, which is great no matter how cheesy it is! After dinner at the Blue Bayou (interrupted by a fire alarm episode!), we got to see the new dragon in Fantasmic (huge and awesome), and just made it in time to see Dumbo fly around the castle during the fireworks! I was so impressed with Dumbo, since his kicking legs and flapping ears were so cute!

The next two days were so full of sightseeing that I can barely mention it all here! I've now seen all of the Los Angeles shooting locations for Blade Runner, since we visited Union Station, the Million Dollar Theater (across the street from the Bradbury Building), and the Ennis-Brown House. Dae picked a fantastic Japanese restaurant for lunch, which had an incredible view of the city, and we just happened to arrive during their three year anniversary, so many items were only three dollars (we definitely took advantage of the three dollar nigori sake)! Still downtown, we also stopped in the Biltmore Hotel and rode the Angels Flight inclined railway, and then stumbled onto front row seats for a great Rufus Wainwright concert! The next day we finally hooked up with Ernesto for breakfast and hiking around Bronson Canyon, including the fabulous Batcave (the actual cave/tunnel the Batmobile drove out of on the 60s TV series). Next we saw a few Hollywood things like the Snow White Cafe and Ginger Rogers' gravesite, ate some ice cream at the Disney Soda Fountain, and finally had a great Mexican dinner. This was definitely a vacation for the record books!

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