Cats & Dogs / The Revenge of Kitty Galore : 2 of 5

The first time I saw this trailer, I told myself I would never see a dumb movie like this one! But then I heard about the new Road Runner cartoons that Warner Bros. is including with a few upcoming movies, so my pal Melinda and I ended up seeing it just to enjoy the Looney Tunes! The cartoon was pretty good, with some new creative ways for the Coyote to fail miserably, and I thought the computer generated style did a nice job of combining realistic textures with the classic feel of the original animation (although Road Runner's color was a little too iridescent for my taste). Unfortunately, it was much shorter than a real Warner Bros. cartoon (I was hoping for seven minutes, but it was only around three), and once it was over I had to make it through Cats & Dogs! I didn't see the original movie, but I'm sure this sequel is just more of the same goofy jokes that probably aren't funny even to kids. Of course, I had a few laughs (the Silence of the Lambs references were funny), and the action near the end of the movie was pretty good, but overall I was just amazed that movies like this still get made. Some of the characters were vaguely fun (I liked the fact that the dogs were commanded by a fastidious Beagle!) and the CG mouth movement on the live-action animals was well done. Some of the voice work was great (for some reason the insane pigeon was my favorite), but I think the human roles were almost humiliating to the actors (poor Kenneth from 30 Rock must have needed another paycheck badly). At least I stayed awake, and I'm really glad I got to see the new Road Runner short on the big screen!