Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 3 / Double Trouble : 3 of 5

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3: Double TroubleThanks again to PaperBack Swap, I've been able to just keep enjoying this series, one volume after another! This third collection introduces Doctor Octopus, whose re-imagined character is pretty close to his classic incarnation, with the exception of being tied-in with Justin Hammer (Tony Stark's technical nemesis from Iron Man), which was a great touch (Hammer is also connected with other super-villain genetic experiments behind Electro and Sandman). Kraven the Hunter also makes an appearance, but this time he's a reality TV star with a nice comic twist. I was interested in seeing what the Ultimate series would do with Gwen Stacy, and they decided to make her a bad-ass knife-wielding chick, which is a little over the top, but I guess it makes sense to reinvent her character as an opposite extreme. I'm slowly getting used the fact that Mary Jane knows Peter is Spider-Man so early in the game, and I guess it's fun that she helps him out with costume sewing and other things. The writing in this series is quote solid and fun to read, and the artwork remains pretty spectacular (although sometimes the manga-ish large eyes look strange on the mostly realistic character designs). This volume ends with Aunt May totally grounding Peter's butt (he's a lot younger in this universe, after all), so I'm looking forward to Volume 4 to see how Spider-Man can stay active in this sticky situation!