The Twilight Saga / Eclipse : 2 of 5

Whenever I visit Oklahoma City, my parents and I always see a movie in the Warren Theater balcony (with a huge dinner and chocolate shake!), so we really don't care what we see. This time the balcony feature was the latest Twilight movie, so we had to go even though none of us had seen the previous two films (or read any books). I was able to do some studying on Wikipedia, and my pal Melinda let me in on some detailed story points that really helped us understand what was going on. Even though I'm giving this movie a low rating, that doesn't mean we didn't have fun watching it, and I can see how some fans (mostly girls) would eat this stuff up! Although I was expecting it to be romantic, I was surprised by how sappy it actually was - I can't believe how many times people have "intense" conversations with their faces two inches apart. I also couldn't help laughing at the werewolf pack of dudes always running around shirtless, which was hilariously silly! Edward was actually a pretty interesting character, though - I know nothing about him, but his humble nature during the proposal scene was very sincere. Bella, on the other hand, was incredibly boring, and all through the movie I kept wondering why any vampire or werewolf would be fighting over such a dull girl! My favorite parts of the movie were the two backstories for some of the other vampires, since it was cool finding out one of them was from the Civil War, for example. The big battle between the vampires and werewolves was cool (I liked how vampires crack and shatter when hit), but it seemed so small in scale. They kept talking about the "army" of newborn vampires, which seemed like about twenty people when they finally fight! After seeing Eclipse, none of us had a huge urge to become fans and watch the other two movies (especially since we heard this is the best one!), but it was nice to get a taste of the saga and see what everyone else is so crazy about!