Three Small Things 7.7.10

One really cool side effect to making nearly all of my purchases at Amazon is that I can use their new search feature to find items in my entire purchase history (which is pretty extensive, let me tell you). This comes in handy all the time! For example, if I want to search for tips on my digital camera, but I can't really remember the exact model I have (and I don't want to go get it or dig out the manual), I can just search my orders for "camera" (since I know I bought it from Amazon) and there it is! I can do the same thing when I can't remember what kind of printer ink to buy, since it's always available in my searchable order history. It's also fun to go back in time and see what I bought people for Christmas, what brands of things I prefer (like blank DVDs), or even different kinds of underwear I've tried out (I'm not kidding when I say I buy everything from Amazon!).

Recently I've been craving sandwiches, but even though I love bread, I end up eating too much of it and getting too full if I have it in the house. The other day I decided to just wrap my deli turkey in some giant romaine lettuce leaves that I had, and it was light and delicious! I'm definitely going to buy more lettuce just to use for snacking this way.

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with Mom & Dad for my usual summer visit, which of course will be full of fun activities and technical support! This time I'm going to migrate my Dad to a new MacBook, try out hooking up the MacBook to the HDTV, setup the old MacBook for my Mom, and install iOS 4 on Dad's iPod. I totally love messing with all this stuff, and it's even better since I love helping out my parents!