Super-busy fun in OKC

Last week I made my annual summer trip to visit Mom & Dad in Oklahoma City, and as usual we packed the days full of fun activities! The highlight was going to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Sketch to Screen exhibit, which featured tons of authentic movie clothing, everything from Charlie Chaplin's hat to Christopher Reeve's actual Superman costume! We also enjoyed looking at the museum's permanent collection, especially the huge gallery devoted to the etherial blown-glass art of Dale Chihuly (who we knew from his amazing Bellagio lobby ceiling in Las Vegas). We saw two movies together at the fabulous Warren Theater (still the best projection system I've ever experienced), including Toy Story 3 (I loved seeing my parents' reactions!). Of course, we went to Riverwind Casino twice, and we found a new slot machine called Cash Spin that was so much fun that we played it for three hours straight! When I wasn't stuffing my face with Mom's amazing cooking (or with mexican food), I did lots of tech support for Dad, including hooking up his new MacBook to the HDTV so we could enjoy streaming video from various sites, which was awesome to experience together!

Since Dad has collected nearly 2,000 iOS apps, I had some time-consuming trouble working with his iPod, but I realized that most of my frustration was self-imposed. It's no secret that I have a perfectionist streak (a family-famous home movie comes to mind of me getting upset because I couldn't balance an inflatable Santa perfectly on my rocking horse), and my desire to organize everything "just so" blinded me to the fact that these cool devices are supposed to be fun! I learned a good life lesson about relaxing, giving priority to enjoyable family time, and not imposing my perfectionism on everything. Sometimes you just need to drink Scotch and eat Cheetos and think about your wonderful life!

View photos: OKC Museum of Art