The Sorcerer's Apprentice : 3 of 5

I mainly wanted to see this movie because it's inspired by Mickey Mouse's famous scene in Disney's Fantasia, and even though it was fairly predictable, I still really enjoyed this pure action entertainment! Action is definitely the key word here, since The Sorcerer's Apprentice features tons of tons of magic battles (much more explosive and sudden than Harry Potter-esque wizarding) overflowing with CGI effects (nothing mind blowing, but certainly of good quality). Of course, there are a few moments of plot (just long enough to throw in some sappy pop tunes), but basically the fighting begins about five minutes into the story and almost never stops! Underneath all the action, the story is actually pretty interesting with a history of sorcerers beginning all the way back in King Arthur's era with Merlin and his followers (including Nicolas Cage as Balthazar), and eventually leading to our hero, young geeky Dave (who is actually a little too geeky to be believable, but endearing nonetheless). I liked how the story weaved in the notion of science (specifically physics and electricity) as being an essential ingredient to magic, which gave all the magical elements a nice updated twist. My pal Melinda and I were totally waiting for the Fantasia homage to Mickey's mishap with the living mops, and as soon as Dave mentioned that he needed to clean up, I started humming the classic Dukas music! It was actually a pretty good moment, and we even stayed until after the credits for a brief bonus scene that included Mickey's iconic sorcerer's hat! I can see why this movie isn't really the blockbuster that Disney may have hoped it would be, but I still love to see a cool fantasy action film every now and then just to escape from life and enjoy myself for a couple hours, and The Sorcerer's Apprentice did the trick!