Rebirth of Mothra / Rebirth of Mothra 2 : 3 of 5

Rebirth of Mothra 1&2I recently bought a few of my favorite Godzilla movies on DVD during a great Amazon sale, so I couldn't resist throwing this double-feature into my order since it was so cheap and I had never seen these films. I'm definitely a Mothra fan, so even though these movies were a bit disappointing, I still enjoyed the awesome kaiju action! The Rebirth of Mothra films were released in the late 1990s, and are definitely geared towards a younger audience in many ways (they often made me feel like I was watching an episode of Power Rangers). The typical "small beauties" from Infant Island now have individual personalities - there are two good sisters, who fly around on a mini-Mothra, and an evil sister, who flies a robotic dragon. The main characters for both of these movies are kids who befriend and help the small sisters, but of course the main attraction is Mothra herself, who saves the Earth by fighting off some pretty cool monsters. Although the characters and plots are kind of childish, the kaiju battles are most definitely not. In fact, the special effects are quite fantastic, with excellent beam animation and tons of explosions and fire, and the violence level is high (sometimes Mothra suffers a bloody wing bite from her foe)! In the first film, she battles Desghidorah (kind of a new version of the classic Ghidorah), who has been released from a mountain due to environmental irresponsibility (yes, these movies are have a clear message), and in the sequel, Mothra battles Degarla, a monster created by an Atlantis-like ancient civilization near Okinawa who feeds off ocean pollution. Both films also feature a Mothra transformation where she actually changes appearance with a new wing design, or even into a radically different "underwater mode"! The tiny girls sing the original Mothra song with a new funky arrangement, as well as some new enjoyable tunes (kind of lullabies to Mothra's egg or cocoon). Overall, these movies are such a mixed bag - I love the special effects and cool kaiju, but the silly tone of these films (which is probably enhanced by the horrendous English dubbing) makes them kind of a chore between battles. At least this DVD was definitely worth the small price I paid, and I don't mind having Rebirth of Mothra in my collection!