Netflix One-Liners 7.27

New York, I Love You: I was completely surprised by this wonderful collection of short stories (the plots change so often that it was impossible to get bored) set in New York City, played by tons of well-known actors and accented by beautiful cinematography and music.
Justice League / Crisis on Two Earths: I really enjoyed this awesome DC Universe animated film (which was terrific to see available on Watch Instantly), featuring a parallel universe with alternate evil versions of the classic heroes, including a calculatingly cold Batman that reminded me of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen!
For All Mankind: I've always enjoyed NASA footage of the Apollo missions, and For All Mankind simply lets these incredible images speak for themselves by combining the entire history of the program into an un-narrated, music-filled visual masterpiece.
Frankenstein: This modern, big-budget version of the classic horror story makes a huge effort to stick to the original novel (including all the disgusting gore), which unfortunately packs the plot so tightly that watching the whole thing is exhausting, even with Kenneth Branagh and Robert De Niro in the main roles!
Mothra vs Godzilla: I can't believe I streamed this on Netflix, since the English dub is unbelievably bad (they even call Mothra "the Thing" for most of the movie) and I actually have the Japanese version on DVD, but I guess sometimes my laziness gets the best of me (and I still enjoyed the kaiju action anyway).
Gankutsuou / The Count of Monte Christo: The rest of my Netflix streaming selections are all series that I'm enjoying as time allows, beginning with this amazing anime retelling of the literary revenge classic, illustrated with incredible computer textures and stunning animated effects (the English dub isn't bad, either).
Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t / Season 4: I gained a new respect for Penn & Teller after seeing their show in Vegas, so I thought I would check out their Showtime cable series where they take on controversial topics (such as gays in the Boy Scouts or the profession of prostitution) with their intelligent humor (sprinkled with an incredible amount of F-bombs!).
Ren & Stimpy / Season 1: Yes, I already own this series on DVD, but it's so nice to just click my remote and instantly watch Ren going crazy in Space Madness, or Stimpy searching for his long lost fart (I'll still be watching this show when I'm 70).
Archer / Season 1: My pal Chris introduced me to this animated spy genre spoof, and even though I don't really like the animation style, I'm a big fan of the voice acting of H. Jon Benjamin, who plays the main character with hilarious skill.
Drawn Together / Season 1: Of course, I've already seen all of these episodes when they were originally aired on Comedy Central, but it's really fun to watch them again and enjoy the awesomely offensive humor of these animated character stereotypes living in a Big Brother style home (and I just have to say, "I got a mayonnaise mama on my lickin' hole" could be one of the best lyrics ever written).