Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Spring / Pika Pika : 5 of 5

Morning Musume's latest live concert DVD is one of their best ever, and by the time it was over I was ready to start watching it again right away! This concert has so much to love, starting with the incredible energy of the performances (which were easy to enjoy thanks a slightly louder than usual vocal mix). As always, Ai-chan was spectacular, actually "experiencing" the lyrics as she sang (and even crying a bit during Shouganai Yume Oibito), and she definitely knows how to work her skirt! Eri really surprised me with her extra-strong voice this time, and Lin Lin had some nice chances to shine and show off her great style and cheerfulness. Of course, Sayumi was super-cute (and sometimes super-sexy) with some not-often-seen hairstyles, and it was awesome to hear her sing a few new lines now that Koharu is out of the picture. I had really been looking forward to seeing Ookii Hitomi (the 6th generation song from 10 MY ME), and although the choreography seemed a little phoned-in (I wish they had done more than fist pumps during the interlude!), I still enjoyed this fantastic number featuring Sayumi, Reina and Eri! But the most incredible highlight was the medley of Morning Musume hits, which included lots of great songs that haven't been performed in a while strung together with stunning energy that had me cheering along. I loved the beautiful blue kimono-esque outfits for this segment, which brings me to the topic of costumes! Every outfit in this concert was stylish and awesome, including fashions ranging from hip-hop street clothes to sparkly short dresses that were such a welcome change from the typical neon feathers (even the bunny ears from the opening number were cute without being ridiculous)! The stage design was pretty simple, but the use of cool CG animation on the video screen (when not showing close-ups of the girls) really added some visual flair. The final song of the encore was Namidacchi, and everyone went so crazy that I thought they would collapse from all the sweating! That's what made this concert so special - seeing Morning Musume giving it everything they have, truly enjoying themselves and honestly appreciative of their adoring fans. There's no doubt that I'll be watching Pika Pika many more times in the future!