Manga Mentions 7.2

Black Jack, Vol. 6Black Jack Vol 6: Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack is so much fun to read that it makes me wonder why I'm continuing with other manga series that aren't nearly as satisfying! This volume features a longer than usual chapter where a woman doctor falls in love with Black Jack (and meets a tragic end), plus some dramatic plots including saving a criminal only to be executed for his crimes and trying to complete a delicate operation while passing trains keep shaking the building. Cute Pinoko has a few scenes, and Dr. Kiriko also makes another creepy appearance.

Hikaru no Go Vol 18: I've been considering quitting this series (even though I loved it so much in the beginning), but since I'm so close to the end (or so I think) I guess I might as well keep going! Although this volume strays from the main storyline (just what we need, more delays to stretch it out!), these six short stories that explore various supporting characters are actually really good! It was especially fun to see a story with Sai again, and I also loved the backgrounds of Hikaru's classmates, focusing on how they got into the game of Go and its effect on their lives.

Kaze Hikaru Vol 16: Yet another series that I was so into in the beginning but has become really stale, Kaze Hikaru has evolved into a total soap opera with almost zero samurai action. I was about ready to say this would be my final volume, but a nice cliffhanger ending where Saito happens to meet Sei while she's dressed as a girl sucked me into the drama! This volume has two chapters of backstory about Sei's father and a pretty good plot about a marriage proposal for Okita. Unfortunately I like soap opera style manga, so I guess I have to keep reading!

Mahoromatic Vol 3: I've been thankful for PaperBack Swap lately, which has kept me reading this goofy manga that I can finish in one quick sitting, thanks to lots of battle scenes with little dialogue. Ryuga, a bad android from Saint, shows up to fight Mahoro, so she goes on a full-day date with Suguru to spend what could be their last moments together (followed by the lusty teacher Shikijo all the way). Although this series isn't spectacular, reading it really makes me nostalgic for the anime, which I might have to watch again sometime!

Sailor Moon Scout Guide / Sailor Jupiter: I'm amazed that I've been able to snag four out of five of these out of print Sailor Scout Guides, thanks to more PaperBack Swap luck! Of course, this one is just like the other volumes I've read, but I definitely enjoyed seeing hundreds of stills from the classic anime and reading about how everyone reminds Sailor Jupiter of her old boyfriend!