Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence / Music Video Anthology : 3 of 5

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Music Video Anthology (Regular Edition)This unique DVD (which I only discovered thanks to a recommendation from Netflix) contains a series of visual experiences that combine the powerful soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell 2 with images from the film. Each video features a full piece of music (some with vocal, some without) set to a series of slow camera movements over the incredible digital backgrounds from the movie, with almost no characters in the frame. In fact, some of these clips seem to be renderings taken before the cel animation was layered on top, but it's fascinating to watch these incredibly detailed CG sets and marvel at them once again (of course, the unbelievable city parade and convenience store scenes are included). The music itself is haunting and wonderful, and I especially appreciated the smoky jazz songs (with English vocals) that worked so well against the beautiful images of city streets. Subtitles are available for the Japanese lyrics (which are also readable via the DVD menus), but I actually left them off since they were visually distracting - it's better to just let these sounds and images wash over you! This anthology reveals nothing about the plot of the movie, but it's definitely interesting for a Ghost in the Shell fan to enjoy elements of the film in an entirely new way. Unfortunately, the running time is barely over 30 minutes, although a couple of bonus videos are included (I liked the one with Batou's Basset Hound) to round out the disc. It's tough to say if this DVD would appeal to someone unfamiliar with the movie, but it was definitely enjoyable for me!