Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner / Paul M. Sammon : 5 of 5

Future Noir: The Making of Blade RunnerMy pal Dae knows I'm a huge Blade Runner fan (especially since I made him take me to the Bradbury Building and the 2nd Street Tunnel, two iconic filming locations in Los Angeles), so he bought me this fantastic book as a birthday gift. Future Noir is a huge volume written before the DVD release of the Final Cut, but its tremendous amount of material is all still relevant and fascinating! The author is a true fan of the film, so his writing style is underscored with pure geek joy that makes this book really fun to read. There are chapters covering the origins of the film from the very first drafts of the script, with a wealth of comments from Ridley Scott, Philip K. Dick, and many others, providing wonderful insight into the craziness of Hollywood movie-making in general. My favorite chapters were The Shoot and The Special Effects, which both feature extremely detailed scene-by-scene breakdowns of the film. Reading these long chapters was just like watching the movie itself, since I could picture everything that was being discussed and dissected! I was really interested to read about the infamous test screenings and the surprise discovery of the legendary workprint version of Blade Runner, which prompted me to watch it on my DVD set (and I soon discovered that the author of Future Noir provided the audio commentary!). The book includes an extensive list of workprint differences, as well as some nice appendices covering goofs, soundtrack information, and a variety of other topics. Future Noir is definitely the essential behind the scenes book that every Blade Runner fan should read, and it kept me fascinated from cover to cover, since the long saga and mystique surrounding the making of the film is almost as incredible as the movie itself!